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Dennis Burns
Guitar - basic, classical, jazz, theory / Ukulele / Bass

Dennis has been teaching and performing in the Boulder/Denver area for over 30 years. In 1983 Dennis received his BM degree in classical guitar performance from the University of Colorado. He teaches many styles including classical, folk, rock and jazz improvisation. Dennis has released 3 recordings - A Rose On The Lake (2005), Waltz For Oktober (2019) and most recently Way Over Yonder (2023) which is a mix of Jazz, Country and Gospel in a trio format of guitar bass and drums. He is also the founder of Bolder Sounds,, a sound design company which creates libraries for digital samplers. Dennis also performs chamber music with A Lyric Ensemble, ​

As a service to everyone who stayed at home during the pandemic, Dennis kindly created a free video tutorial
series on musicianship for anyone who's ever had the urge to learn music or to brush up on the basics.

VIDEO 1: THE MUSICAL ALPHABET. Dennis guides us through the basic building blocks of music: The Musical Alphabet.
VIDEO 2: HALF and WHOLE STEPS. In the second installment, Dennis tells us about Half Steps and Whole Steps.
VIDEO 3: NOTE MAPPING. Dennis' third video in his musicianship tutorial covers Note Mapping.
VIDEO 4: THE MAJOR SCALE. Dennis' fourth video discusses one of the cornerstones of music: The Major Scale
VIDEO 5: CHORD BUILDING. Dennis Demonstrates how to create chords from a Major Scale.
VIDEO 6: CHORD MAPPING & BEGINNING IMPROVISATION: Dennis shows you how to map out chords from your note map, and also gets you improvising on the Hank Williams song 'Jambalaya.'
VIDEO 7: RIDING THE RHYTHMIC WAVE: Dennis introduces the basics of rhythm and how important it is to incorporate it into your improvisation or jamming. Also included are tips to get started singing while playing your fretted instrument.
VIDEO 8: THE 4 CHORD - AMAZING GRACE: Dennis introduces the 4 chord in the key of C (the F chord). This is followed by playing and improvising on Amazing Grace. Also covered is the concept of a 4 bar phrase as well as learning the sound of the 1, 4 and 5 chord by ear.
VIDEO 9: TABLATURE AND RIGHT HAND TECHNIQUE: Dennis introduces us to playing songs via tablature as well as right hand technique. SUPPLEMENTAL

MATERIALS FOR THESE VIDEOS CAN BE FOUND HERE These videos can be viewed below and also appear on our YouTube channel. Woodsongs is proud to present this series and are very grateful to Dennis for his time and generosity.
Joseph Brenna 
Guitar - Acoustic, Electric, Rock, Blues, Jazz, Folk & Classical /Music & Fretboard Theory

720-564-1767 Joseph is a critically acclaimed composer, songwriter, recording artist, and teacher who's equally at ease playing acoustic and electric guitars with jazz, funk, blues, R & B, rock and folk musicians. He trained at Brown University and Berklee College of Music. Joseph invented a revolutionary new way to learn guitar that makes every note, chord, and scale visible right on your fretboard, and in sheet music and chord diagrams. The Brenna Method is a comprehensive system that teaches you songs, trains your ear, teaches music & fretboard theory, and develops guitar technique, so that you reach your full creative potential. Visit the website or click on the Brenna Method video.

The Brenna Method
Hear From a Brenna Method Student
Watch Joseph play Acoustic Guitar
Watch Joseph play Electric Guitar
Ryan Drickey
Fiddle & Clawhammer Banjo for adults
Contact for availability
For Ryan, music is not only a way of life, it's a way to experience the world in which we live. A lifelong student of musical styles, Ryan immersed himself first in classical music, eventually earning a Masters degree in Violin from the University of Colorado at Boulder. There he studied jazz in addition to classical violin, which began his fascination with American musical traditions. The investigation of his own musical roots has led Ryan back through time: from modern jazz improvisation concepts, though bluegrass fiddling, old-time American fiddle styles, and across the Atlantic to the musical traditions of Ireland, Sweden, and Norway. Ryan is a Fullbright scholar, having spent a year in Sweden teaching American roots music at the Royal College of Music, Stockholm, while learning from Swedish folk masters such as Roger Tallroth, Ale Möller and Ellicka Frisell.
Dan Buller
Guitar, Dobro, Pedal Steel, and mandolin, all levels.
970-819-5547 Dan Buller is a multi-instrumentalist living in Northglenn, CO. Over the past decade, he has performed in a variety of bands and styles on guitar, dobro, mandolin, and pedal steel. As a performer he focuses on jazz, gypsy jazz, and bluegrass. Dan holds a Master’s degree in jazz guitar performance from the University of Wyoming. As an educator Dan believes in Tailoring his curriculum to each specific student rather than using a cooking cutter approach. He understands that different genres require different skills/techniques and will work to streamline lesson plans to get students to achieve their playing goals as quickly as possible. With the abundance of online resources available today it is easy for aspiring musicians to become overwhelmed, which makes honing in on the most efficient approach vital! Dan teaches guitar, squareneck dobro, pedal steel, and mandolin to all ability levels. He can cover a variety of styles including jazz, blues, bluegrass, rock, country, and fingerstyle guitar. He is also passionate about teaching music theory and ear training to interested students.