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KoAloha Solid Acacia Concert Ukulele, KCO-10

KoAloha's Opio series instruments are built to the same specs as their koa and mango series, using Asian acacia, rather than koa. While they are similar, koa is Hawaii's native acacia, found nowhere else in the world. Different types of acacia have tonal differences and the asian acacia that the Opio are built from tends to be more dense than most koa. This gives the Opio ukulele a deeper tone, when compared against one of their koa models.

While the difference is subtle, most players with a little bit of experience will feel and hear the difference. Aside from the nuances in tone, the Opio ring with the same KoAloha voice and volume at a much more affordable price range. They are great instruments for both beginners and experienced players alike. Padded bag included.

*All solid Acacia Body
*Jack (Marrango) wood Neck
*TUSQ Nut and Saddle
*KoAloha 5-pointed Crown Headstock
*Sapele Fretboard and Fretboard Binding*
*Maple Wood Fret Markers
*Straight cut Fretboard
*Sapele Bridge
*Koaloha Friction & Gear Tuners
*KoAloha's 'Musubi' Sound Hole
*Semi Gloss Finish
KoAloha Solid Acacia Concert Ukulele, KCO-10