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Woodsongs began in 1971 as FOLK ARTS MUSIC, located at 2041 Broadway in Boulder. This image is from our original letterhead. Does anyone have any memories of this shop? If so, please feel free to share them with us.

This is the name change that put us on the map. In 1985, Folk Arts Music decided to adopt a more folksy persona and changed the name of the store. The new name was inspired by a legend around these parts—an old timey mountaineer named H.B. Woodsong, who could allegedly dowse for water with his musical prowess. While H.B. eventually disappeared from the ads and flyers, the name has remained synonymous with Boulder area music scene.

​From Day One, the Folk Arts Music / H.B. Woodsong's mission has been to connect directly with the vibrant music community of the times. Hosting & sponsoring performances & festivals from both local and national acts (such as Tim O’Brien, Guy Clark, Peter Rowan and many others), as well as offering music lessons and workshops, we've always strived to be more than just a music store. Music connects all of us!

In 1990, H.B. Woodsong’s left its original location on Broadway and moved to Boulder’s vibrant Pearl Street area. Even though the tenure on 1611 Pearl Street (currently Foolish Craig's) lasted only a couple of years, HBW’s immediately found itself welcomed into the musical heart of this special city. Does anyone remember shopping at this location? If so, please feel free to share them with us.

In 1992 H.B. Woodsong's moved a couple of blocks west to its third official location and second Pearl Street location. This historic building at 1537 Pearl was the perfect music store setting, rich in character with wood beams, brick walls and downtown convenience. Shoppers could browse in the retail space upstairs, take lessons or have an instrument repaired by the Woodsongs Lutherie downstairs.

It's the little things that help keep us connected to our past. When you come into our shop, you’re also stepping into a time capsule of sorts. From the ‘Open’ sign to the display cabinetry, the checkout counter and even the artwork on the walls, you’ll find a bit of Woodsongs’ history everywhere you look. So the next time you’re here, take a gander behind the beautiful instruments and you’ll likely find a special historic link—one that might even go back 50 years!

In the year 2000 H.B. Woodsong’s (now also known as Woodsongs) moved to 2920 Pearl Street, our third consecutive Pearl location. Long before the Google headquarters found its way here, this homey and iconic blue building was our own little compound, with the Woodsongs Lutherie upstairs and the Woodsongs lesson studio building in the parking lot. It was also known for its colorful mural on the west side, depicting a downhome porch jam. This wonderful illustration was created and gifted to us by our dear friend and talented artist, Jonathan Machen.